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The Hill Country, especially Round Rock and surrounding cities, have long been known to plague its residents with allergens and high probability of allergies. Most Round Rock residents suffer from the high pollen counts of cedar and mold.

When cedar season is in full effect, Round Rock and surrounding Austin cities can look like they're very much on fire due to the orange and brown color of cedar trees releasing their pollen on windy days.

That's why it is imperative for Round Rock residents to have their air conditioning units maintenance annually. In addition to maintaining and service your ac unit regularly, most people forget to account for having their air ducts cleaned and service.

Clean air ducts can have a positive impact on you and your family's health and budget, both short and long term. Consistent air duct cleaning promotes cleaner indoor air that can help prevent health problems like asthmas and allergies.

When your air ducts are kept clean and uncontaminated from allergens and dust in general, residential and commercial HVAC systems can run more efficiently, saving you hundreds of dollars every year.

But the question is, how do you know if your air ducts need cleaning? Below, Round Rock AC Repair has listed the 7 things that tell it's time for air duct cleaning services:

7 Signs You Need Air Duct Cleaning Services

You haven't had it cleaned or checked up for more than five years.

It is not an annual responsibility to have your home's air ducts cleaned. It's not dust and dirt you're worried about but a life-threatening and harmful ecosystem of organisms unknowingly growing. In a span of five years, many harmful organisms such as mold and vermin could've taken the air ducts for their home, and should be taken very seriously.

You're having too much dust even with the doors and windows closed.

Dust can accumulate inside the air ducts and it's nothing but normal especially after years of letting air in and out the system. If you clean the house but still see a lot of dust in surfaces and in the air, you may have a problem with the air ducts. Excessive dust is also normal during constructions and renovations and most people hire air duct cleaners after the work on the house is done.

You've seen molds.

You'll be using your senses to see the signs, and seeing molds is a sign that your air vents need cleaning. Of course, not all molds will be in your light of sight and not everything that looks like mold is actually mold. This is why there is a need for routine checkups done by experts — to determine if the accumulation is dangerous and if so, what is the best way to clean it.

Your household is suffering from an unexplainable rate of asthma or allergy attacks, headaches and nasal congestion.

The quality of the air you breathe has a high impact on the body's tendency to develop respiratory and other health problems. These problems may have been caused by dirty ducts which in turn have caused the decrease in quality of the air you breathe indoors. One in six people is said to suffer from allergies due to the contaminations from air ducts.

You've taken care of the pests and rodents but still have problems.

If you've recently did pest or rodent control but there are signs that there are still many left, there may be some of them living in the air ducts. Experts and their years of experience could be put to use to handle more than just the normal air duct cleaning.

It takes a long time to cool down or heat up a room.

Blockages in air vents can cause the air conditioning system to take a long time to do its job. If you feel very little air flow or no air flow at all from the vents, this can be a sign that there is an obstruction that needs to be taken out.

Your utility bills are getting higher.

The harder your HVAC systems work, the higher your utility bills get. Dirty, obstructed air ducts will make your heating and air conditioning systems work harder but with less and less efficiency. Not only will this make for a less comfortable home during both the summer and winter seasons, it can also add hundreds of dollars to your annual utility expenses. A household would do well to remember to keep their air duct system clean. Some people take on DIY air duct cleaning projects, but other people trust only air duct cleaning experts on the matter.

If you ever see a combination of three or more of the signs above, you might be dealing with something bigger than what you think you're really dealing with. There are a lot of benefits of cleaning your air ducts regularly, but there is even more to keeping them clean.

It has been said time and again that the prevention is better than the cure. The same be said and holds true for air duct systems being cleaned and serviced.