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There is nothing costly in business than missing payroll or having your business' commercial air conditioning units to malfunction or need to be replaced altogether. Those two things will make a business lose revenue and go out of business for some. Just like a car needs a tune-up and oil change every so often, your commercial air conditioning systems requires proactive care to prevent those hot summer days from setting up residence inside of your business. Nothing like a business meeting with clients or employees and no air conditioning.

Just as your residential air conditioning unit, commercial air conditioning require the same, if not more, upkeep and maintenance to keep running efficiently and extending the life of the air conditioning unit.

To receive the most from commercial air conditioning units, be proactive in proper maintenance in doing and performing the following in a timely manner:

Keep filters changed on a regular basis

One of the major drawbacks to an inefficient commercial air conditioning unit is not changing the filters on a consistent basis of 30-60 days.

Round Rock AC Repair has found a correlation between businesses changing their filters on a regular basis and those that do not: Employee Attendance. Yes, inefficient filter maintenance promotes dust, dirt, and allergens throughout the work area causing sickness and allergic reactions among employees.

In addition, such ineffective filtration practices tax the commercial air conditioning unit as well as your company's utility bill each month. Keep those filters changed, and keep your employees healthy and productive, and a business thriving.

Check air conditioning unit fluid levels and components

Commercial air conditioning units are comprehensive refrigeration cooling equipment that can be a business owner's worst nightmare when not running efficient or performing at an optimal level when cooling, especially in Texas. The Austin, Texas and surrounding areas reach some of the hottest temperatures year around than other other city in the state of Texas.

Round Rock AC Repair encourages a thorough quarterly commercial air conditioning maintenance plan aiming to protective your business investment in commercial cooling equipment. This maintenance service plan consists of inspecting, cleaning, maintaining, repairing, testing, and certifying the following air conditioner unit: belts, air volume, cooling capacity, drainage lines and pans, fluid levels, coil cleaning, obstruction removal, motor and electrical connections.

Clean drainage lines and pans

Round Rock AC Repair can't stress the importance of checking and maintaining clean drainage lines and pans for commercial air conditioning units.

Just like not keeping clean lines and pans on a residential air conditioning system can flood your home, it can also flood your business and other businesses if sharing adjacent work space or offices.

No business or business owner eagerly wants to test their disaster recovery plan or incur major expenses due to commercial air conditioning units flooding one's business.

Set thermostat to one comfortable level

Your business can't please everyone, especially when it comes to keeping your business work environment one that is comfortable for everyone.

Round Rock AC Repair recommends your business setting the thermostat to one temperature and not sporadically moving the thermostat due to Susie, Sally or Mike wanting work to be like their home. Such sporadic thermostat movement of drastic temperatures and behavior taxes the air conditioning unit to the point the air conditioning units could freeze up and need to be replaced.

So get a lock box with one key you hide from employees to protect your third most valued assets: commercial air conditioning units.

Do you have commercial air conditioning maintenance, repair, or replacement questions? Contact Round Rock AC Repair today and our professional trained staff can assist you and your commercial air conditioning needs.

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