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Spring and summer are near in Round Rock, Texas, and before you crank up the air conditioning in your home to stay cool and comfy, Round Rock AC Repair recommends you take a proactive approach in testing your air conditioning system before placing a full load on a 90+ degree day or night. Take simple air conditioning maintenance steps to preserve the life of your unit before the spring and summer seasons arrive.

Consider the following air conditioning maintenance services and items to address in keeping your air conditioner running efficiently in the heat of the day or night when it matters most:

Change the air conditioner filters on a regular basis

Round Rock AC Repair recommends changing your filter every 30 to 90 days based upon the type of air conditioning system in operation as well as the grade of air filter being used. You can find filter recommendations for your system as well as filters to address issues such as humidity, allergens, and air purification. Having clean filters assists in an air conditioner system not having to over exert itself to keep your home cool, costing you more money and possibly putting your air conditioner at risk of being severely damaged to the point of replacement. No one likes an avoidable ac repair bill.

Annual maintenance performed on air ducts and vents

Most individuals are surprised to learn how much more efficient their air conditioner will operate and how cool and comfortable their home will remain by having the air conditioner ducts and vents cleaned on an annual basis. Dust, dirt, and allergens repeatedly flow throughout the house whether brought in by our families, pets, friends or daily living.

Check air conditioner fluid levels and leaks (if applicable)

Call Round Rock AC Repair to have us out for an inspection of your air condition system. You will receive a summary and detailed report with recommendations for each air conditioning component. We thoroughly check compressors, fans, fan blades, exhaust, hoses and fluid levels (i.e. oil and freon) for leaks and normal lifetime wear. We do make recommendations and suggestions based on the wear and tear of each air conditioner component, but leave the decision up to you, our valued customer, whether you will move forward with replacing certain air conditioner parts and fluids. We also may recommend you have a second opinion in certain instances.

Check and clean emergency overflow

Don't forget to check, clean and test the emergency overflow on your air conditioner unit 1-2 times a year. This is a little forget me not causing many homeowners to awaken or arrive home to a flooded house due to their air conditioning unit condensation and/or emergency overflow release being clogged or blocked. Many times during winter, all sorts of insects can take refuge in the release pipes, clogging or making pipes impenetrable whereby condensation is not able to pass and be released as the air conditioner operates. This results in a backup of condensation which has to go somewhere and that somewhere is the interior of your house. So keep these pipes clean by pouring 1 cup of bleach in the pipes every 30-45 days, keeping the pipes clear and penetrable.

Check physical air conditioner system

Round Rock AC Repair cautions homeowners to ensure their air conditioner system has the appropriate airflow outside and nothing is obstructing the flow of air. Should an air conditioning system not have appropriate air flow, it can over heat and severely damage the system to the point of replacement. Be sure the air conditioner unit is free from insects and bugs, leaves and dirt. Take time to have the air conditioner thoroughly cleaned much like one would have a car detailed. Doing so will keep your air conditioning system efficiently running and extend the life of your air conditioning unit.

Check thermostats

Most people forget to check to ensure their thermostat is functioning properly. Round Rock AC Repair always encourages our customers to check and change their thermostats every 5-6 years as technological advancements help the home to efficiently cool and remain cool. A bad, damaged or malfunctioning thermostat can cost you hundreds of dollars on your utilities during prime air conditioning use months. You can find easy to install or DYI (do-it-yourself) thermostats at your local hardware store. Thermostats can be simple or complex, but most are simple in nature with some of the best having artificial intelligence to learn your use pattern and automatically adjust based on your lifestyle, saving you money from over use and wasteful use. There are also reasonably priced programmable thermostats.

Take the mentioned residential air conditioning tips and tricks and put them to good use in keeping your home cool and comfortable while saving money and extending the life of your air conditioning system. Performing these simple tips and tricks allows you to avoid a costly air conditioner replacement or air conditioning repairs.

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